Just a quickie …

… to show you how we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. And thank you to everyone who got in touch to wish us well, we really appreciated that.

So. We went to Iceland. I’d been before, in the summer, and enjoyed the midnight sun. But that was 30 odd years ago, and I was expecting some changes. And there were. Reykjavik is much bigger and busier than it was, but the essential nature of Iceland is the same – beautiful and wild scenery and friendly people.

This time, I was so hoping to see the Northern Lights, and Lady Luck smiled upon us. We were there for 4 days and she drew aside the clouds on the last evening, and we watched spellbound as the lights chased across the sky. We used a company called Trex (http://trex.is/) and would thoroughly recommend them. Thanks to their guest astronomer Andy Green, for permission to show this photo.

Andy Green (C) 2017 (105)a.png

Northern Lights near Keflavik, Iceland


And during the daytime, we travelled around. There was still snow on the ground in some spots, enough to make it really pretty, but not so much that we couldn’t get where we wanted to go.

If you ever get chance to go to Iceland, my advice would be to grab it with both hands. Now, when can I go again?


Vik 5a

Beach at Vik, South Iceland


Sun Voyager a

Sun Voyager sculpture, Reykjavik waterfront


Sellyafoss 1 a

House by Seljalandsfoss, South Iceland