Hi, you’ve reached the home page of Kimberley Cooper.

I write scifi, urban fantasy and paranormal romance, short and long.

I also love create quirky artwork, and have recently started to create my own greetings cards, which you can find on Etsy. Just click here bit.ly/kimberleycooperGB

GDPR – I don’t have any sort of signup form on this blog. But if you make comments on any of my pages or posts, please be aware that the technical wizardry that is this WordPress site may record data about you, such as your name, username, email address, IP address etc. If you don’t consent to that, you must not comment on this site. I don’t process or use any data that this site collects apart from replying to any post you make.

Enjoy!   Thanks for visiting, see you again soon.



23 thoughts on “Welcome!

      • I did enjoy your story. I was guessing that the mama bear and cub were were people. And your story came through with it. There was a line that had me bouncing out of the story a bit. “It was a nasty wound; probably caused by the front bumber of the truck. He’d known that was damaged from a previous run-in with wildlife and had a jagged edge.” I would move – jagged edge – to the first sentence. “…probably caused by the jagged edge on the front bumper…”


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