Kimberley Cooper’s Novels and Short Stories

Just click on the link below to go to my Amazon page.  Please be aware that the books I write are intended for adults aged 18 and over, due to language used, explicit scenes and/or themes covered. Or individual links:

Angels Above and BelowSecrets. Who pays the price of keeping them?
The fate of the world depends on fundamental Secrets being kept. Endor’s sole purpose as a Secret-Keeper – one of an army of angels who Monitor, Persuade and Enforce – is to protect those Secrets. But what will he do when the only woman he’s ever fallen in love with threatens to expose a Secret that must never, ever, be revealed This novel is available in Ebook and paperback.


Born in the USA – Take an infinite number of Earths. Take one man determined to keep women safe. Combine with a man trying to stop him. Mix in a woman they both want, who’s pregnant. Oh, and a cat.  Bob Trask doesn’t intend to fall in love when he visits Earth Nova. He certainly doesn’t intend to get Gracie May pregnant. And when a man with a grudge abducts her and takes her to another universe, Bob’ll go anywhere, do anything, to get her back safely. This novel is available in Ebook and paperback.


Dark Tales – This book contains six dark short stories of life and death.
1. Cut … And Come Again. All may not be as it seems when a serial killer sets up for his latest kill.
2. Say My Name. Crossing a drug dealer isn’t a good idea for Amy or her dad. Help is available from a mysterious imp, but who pays the price?
3. The Bloody Measle. How far would society go to protect its citizens?
4. Into the Abyss. What lurks in the deep of the human psyche?
5. The King’s Bench. Can love conquer all?
6. An Impossible Choice. A woman has to make the hardest decision of her life. This book is available in Ebook only.

Dark Tales

Adventures of a Girl Death Demon – quirky, dark, urban fantasy. Salika cheats Zcoff, the Meenou demon that she summoned from Hell to help her rob a bank. And when he finds her again and demands payment, the only option is for her to help him find meaning to his life. And maybe along the way, find out what is missing from hers. But the path of true love never did run smooth … This book is available in Ebook and  paperback.

Demon cover 1

5 thoughts on “Kimberley Cooper’s Novels and Short Stories

  1. Bodyshifters. I downloaded your book a few days ago and it did not turn up on my kindle! Ha ha, no problem I wasn’t connected here where I am house sitting!. Went home this morning and whala it is on my kindle! I read the first story. At first it was a bit not my taste but I could not put it down till I finished the 1st one. Guess what! I enjoyed it. I think it was very well written. (I am a slow reader but look forward to read them all) Glad I discovered you.

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  2. Hi, it’s great to hear from you! Thanks very much for the feedback on Bodyshifters. Ursula (the second story) is my favourite in there, it’s sweet. Loved to hear that you couldn’t put the book down, I’m very encouraged by that. I’m just starting Bodyshifters 2, using characters loosely connected with the first four stories. Best wishes, Kimberley


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