Rex & Simone – more Paranormal Romance That Sizzles!

It’s cold outside. And damp. And dark. Pretty end-of-year-ish, really. So if you’re into paranormal shape-shifting romance, I’ve written something spicy that might keep you warm.

Rex & Simone is the first in Bodyshifters 2, my second anthology of hot and steamy paranormal romance short stories, to be released in early 2017. But if you fancy a sneak preview, Rex & Simone is a standalone story (about 8500 words), which is available on Amazon at

It’s priced at around 99c or local equivalent via Amazon but until 7 January 2017, if you email me at I’ll send you a copy FREE. Just say whether you want Epub, Mobi or PDF.

Happy New Year, everyone!



WriteOn on Amazon

Nadine Feldman, a blogger I started following in the A-Z Blogging Challenge (Hi, Nadine) at has introduced me to WriteOn which is operated by Amazon.

It seems like a great idea; you can put up completed stories or works-in-progress for comment.

I’ve put one of my paranormal romance stories up there for feedback if anyone has time to check it out, I’d be keen to hear any comments, thank you. The link is

And while you’re there, why not leave Nadine some feedback too, her work in progress is at

Thank you. And here’s a pic of a local sunset, for no particular reason apart from the fact that I like the colours. Have a good weekend, all.


3 Sunset North Sea


Word cloud for my new story ‘Leon’

I’ve recently discovered word clouds, and I think they are a pretty attractive way of advertising. Here’s one created for my new paranormal romance story ‘Leon’, and many thanks to for allowing the use of the word cloud here.


So if you fancy some Paranormal Romance that Sizzles, 99c or local equivalent, or FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited, why not head over to

Linae – more Paranormal Romance That Sizzles

The next 5000 word short story in my ‘Paranormal Romance that Sizzles’ series is available on Amazon for 99c or local equivalent. Enjoy! 

Linae – paranormal romance that sizzles. ‘Linae is frantically trying to find a veterinary surgeon to save her beloved dog. She doesn’t expect to find Joshua, and now she has found him, can he accept what she really is?’