NaBloPoMo 12th May “Far”

Please excuse one self congratulatory post, which does admittedly have the topic of ‘far’.

Although I’ve always written in my working life – policies, procedural manuals, customer communications etc – I only took the plunge into writing fiction about a year ago. And what a year that’s been – from getting two short stories published, several rejected, to self publishing 6 individual stories, 1 collection and a novella. Oh, and writing about 80,000 words on 2 novels on which my writing isn’t good enough to do justice to yet. But hopefully it will be, one day.

So I think I’ve come quite far in a year. But I’m under no illusions, I know there’s a long way to go in terms of improvement. But surely you should never stop learning?

So, just wanted to mention something that I’m really pleased with – my first novella ‘Adventures of a Girl Death Demon’ is now available in paperback on Amazon, as well as Ebook. And I did it all myself. Would be happy to have any comments or criticism if anyone has the time. It’s free on Kindle if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Demon cover 1

Adventures of a Girl Death Demon is released

My first novella Adventures of a Girl Death Demon is now on sale at £1.99 or local equivalent. So if you fancy reading a quirky, hopefully funny, dark urban fantasy where the path of true love doesn’t run smooth, please click here Enjoy, oh and if you get chance to leave me a review, I’d be very grateful.IMG_0026