Perfectly Imperfect Mandalas is on Etsy!

My first coloring book Perfectly Imperfect Mandalas: 40 original hand-drawn pieces of art to color, is now available for digital download on Etsy at

Priced at £3.59 or local equivalent, the advantages of this digital download include:

  1. You can print the designs on any paper or card that you like, depending on how you wish to color. So if you want to use watercolors, go ahead and print on watercolour paper. Markers will do best on slightly thicker than normal paper (I like cartridge paper), and pencils and gel pens on pretty much any paper you have to hand.
  2. You can ‘Save as’ the individual designs into your favourite digital painting package. I like Pigment if I’m on the Ipad and Paintshop Pro on the PC.

But if you want a printed book, that’s available too, you’ll just need to go to Amazon at

Have fun creating!


Perfectly Imperfect Mandalas



Just a quickie …

… to show you how we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. And thank you to everyone who got in touch to wish us well, we really appreciated that.

So. We went to Iceland. I’d been before, in the summer, and enjoyed the midnight sun. But that was 30 odd years ago, and I was expecting some changes. And there were. Reykjavik is much bigger and busier than it was, but the essential nature of Iceland is the same – beautiful and wild scenery and friendly people.

This time, I was so hoping to see the Northern Lights, and Lady Luck smiled upon us. We were there for 4 days and she drew aside the clouds on the last evening, and we watched spellbound as the lights chased across the sky. We used a company called Trex ( and would thoroughly recommend them. Thanks to their guest astronomer Andy Green, for permission to show this photo.

Andy Green (C) 2017 (105)a.png

Northern Lights near Keflavik, Iceland


And during the daytime, we travelled around. There was still snow on the ground in some spots, enough to make it really pretty, but not so much that we couldn’t get where we wanted to go.

If you ever get chance to go to Iceland, my advice would be to grab it with both hands. Now, when can I go again?


Vik 5a

Beach at Vik, South Iceland


Sun Voyager a

Sun Voyager sculpture, Reykjavik waterfront


Sellyafoss 1 a

House by Seljalandsfoss, South Iceland


Because it’s a special day …

… and even though it has nothing whatsoever to do with writing, or coloring, or anything that my blog is normally about, I just wanted to say Thank You to my husband, for putting up with me for the last 25 years.

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary, Ashley Cooper. You’re pretty damn special. I love you xx

Silver wedding 1

How Coloring Can Keep You on the Straight and Narrow

Well, firstly, let me tell you how that blog title came about.

I was mooching about on t’Internet, thinking about the fact that I hadn’t updated my blog for a few days, when I came across this –
You can enter a keyword for your blog post, and it comes up with ideas of titles for it. So I entered ‘coloring’ and some of the ideas really tickled me. 12 Ways In Which Coloring Could Save Your Life. Really? Maybe not. Or What Mom Never Told You About Coloring.  Damn, I knew there was something I meant to ask her.

And after I’d got over my giggles (I’m easily pleased, you can tell), it occurred to me that one of the titles could help me make a (half) decent blog post. Even if it’s a tongue-in-cheek one. So here it is – How Coloring Can Keep You on the Straight and Narrow.

  1. Buying all the pens, pencils, markers, coloring books that you ABSOLUTELY must have (but honey, they had a sale on) will leave you no money for say, bottles of vodka. So, you could say that coloring will stop you drinking alcohol. Sounds like staying on the straight and narrow to me.
  2. Similarly, buying all your supplies will stop you spending that money on any other vices you might have indulged in, like smoking. So, coloring has a positive health benefit, right?
  3. Keeping your hands occupied will stop you reaching for the biscuit tin. Or it will if you leave the biscuit tin in the kitchen rather than put it on the sofa next to you. Dang, knew I’d got that one wrong.
  4. Coloring will keep you in at night rather than indulging in antisocial behaviour. So coloring positively discourages crime. Hmm, maybe our police station could open up a cell and provide free coloring books and pencils. Might be worth a try to see if local crime goes down?

There are, I’m sure, a lot of other ways in which coloring can keep you on the straight and narrow, but if you’ll excuse me, now I’ve got a break from a pencil in my hand and a book on my lap, I’m off to get a bottle of vodka, a cigarette and a biscuit. Or six.

And for no other reason than it’s blooming cold today and summer seems a long way away, here’s a picture I took in Roatan in December last year. Happy weekend, all.





My coloring book is available – Perfectly Imperfect Mandalas, and FREEBIES!

So here it is. My first coloring book for adults – Perfectly Imperfect Mandalas, 40 original hand-drawn pieces of art to color. It’s been a real labour of love; drawing the designs, digitising them, printing them out, test-coloring, tweaking them and starting again. And then pulling them into one book for sale.

The book is available on Amazon at  for $6.99 or local equivalent. The price includes 2 freebies you can email me for – 1. a PDF of the book so you can digitally color the mandalas, or reprint them and color them again and again by hand, and 2. a free copy of my sci fi romance novel ‘Born in the USA’.

If you’d like to try my style of art before you buy – email me at and I’ll send you a PDF of 4 Perfectly Imperfect Mandalas which don’t appear in the book. FREE.

I promise not to use your email address for any other purpose unless you say SUBSCRIBE, in which case I’ll add you to my regular newsletter. You could unsubscribe at any time afterwards, of course.

So, I’d love to hear from you! And as always, any feedback is very welcome.


Perfectly Imperfect Mandalas

Now what I have I committed myself to?


Now I’ve gone and done it.

Committed myself to writing 12 short stories in 12 months. And submitting them for critique and comment.

*Takes deep breath*. The first one is due on 15th Feb. Wish me luck …

Oh, and if you want to find out more, and maybe join me, have a look at

And for no very good reason except that it was pretty, this was sunrise at the river Adur in West Sussex, a couple of days ago.




Using Pinterest to generate interest in your writing

This is another post I did for Sheila, over at Cow Pasture Chronicles. And it was great to have the chance to connect with some different people


Hello again! Thanks Sheila, for giving me at the chance to chat with the folks that visit your blog. Nice to meet you all. I’m based in the UK, so please excuse any spellings and expressions you might not be familiar with.

With a bit of writing under my belt now, I’m spending some time looking at different ideas to promote it. You’ve probably come across Pinterest. But you may not have thought of using it to promote your writing. There’s a lot of guidance out there on ideas to do this, so rather than re-invent the wheel, I’ve listed below a couple of sites you might find helpful.

But what I can offer is my experience of what went well, and what made me tear my hair out, in the hope that it helps you.

  • Converting my private Pinterest account to a business one was easy. There are new…

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Rex & Simone – more Paranormal Romance That Sizzles!

It’s cold outside. And damp. And dark. Pretty end-of-year-ish, really. So if you’re into paranormal shape-shifting romance, I’ve written something spicy that might keep you warm.

Rex & Simone is the first in Bodyshifters 2, my second anthology of hot and steamy paranormal romance short stories, to be released in early 2017. But if you fancy a sneak preview, Rex & Simone is a standalone story (about 8500 words), which is available on Amazon at

It’s priced at around 99c or local equivalent via Amazon but until 7 January 2017, if you email me at I’ll send you a copy FREE. Just say whether you want Epub, Mobi or PDF.

Happy New Year, everyone!