New Carer Support

This is the charity I’m proud to work for, supporting family and friend Carers (caregivers) in West Sussex, UK.

Carers Support West Sussex

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Jackie is a member of the Carers Support Dementia Team and has written a piece about what it’s like meeting new carers at our 1:1 sessions in Henfield.

Today I have set up my ‘work-camp’ at The Haven in Henfield where Carers Support West Sussex have a room for private consultations with carers to offer support and information.  As I settle in I can hear the cheerful greetings as staff welcome the regulars who come to The Haven for day respite. It’s a very warm and comfortable environment and I’m always happy to come here to work.

Today I have arranged two separate appointments to offer support to women who have completely different lives.  The thing they do have in common is that they both care for a family member who has been diagnosed with dementia.

My first meeting is with the wife of a man with moderate dementia.  I…

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6 thoughts on “New Carer Support

  1. That was such a heart-warming post. You guys are a godsend and a much needed service.I went through the site earlier and I love what they have in place for young adult carers. We could certainly do with something like that in the South East.


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