Five things I’m thankful for

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as such, in the UK. Which I think is a shame. It feels right to reflect on your blessings and not take them for granted, as it’s so easy to do. So, here’s my Top 5.

  1. Family. Not everyone has it. At times they drive you completely mad, but where would you be without them? Definitely poorer of spirit.
  2. A home. Not everyone has one. Hmm, noticing a theme here.
  3. A job. More of the same theme?
  4. Friends. Ones that you can rely on, that have been part of your life for years.
  5. Health. Ok, I’m over 50 and a bit creakier in places than I used to be, but on the whole I can do anything I choose to. And we can’t all say that.

So, blessings indeed. Whether you officially celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I wish you and yours a happy and safe day.

And for no particular reason other than I love sunsets, here’s an absolute cracker.



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