Kindle Scout didn’t work out for me …

… but every cloud has a silver lining.

Those of you who I didn’t drive away from my blog with my month-long campaign for ‘nominations, more nominations, pleeeeeeeease’ may remember that I put up my newest novel Angels Above and Below to the Kindle Scout programme.

I’ve  just received a ‘Not selected’ email, which is disappointing, but not overly so. It was a great experience and I learned loads, made some great contacts, and Amazon will still email everyone who nominated the book to tell them when it’s available. And with the benefit of having to sit on the book for 30 more days plus the waiting-for-a-decision-time, I’ve had some ideas on improving it before I self publish it on Amazon. So I feel as though I have lost nothing and gained insight and contacts. Win-win.

Thank you to everyone who supported me, and when I do publish I’ll run a ‘free’ day soon after I put it up, and let you know, so that you can download a free copy.

Have a good  evening, from a very hot and steamy UK 🙂


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