Fathers Déjà vu: Top Ten Things My Father Taught Me– #FathersDay #WeekendBlogShare

I love this from http://www.barbtaub.com Just right for Fathers Day. To Ken, my Dad, Happy Fathers Day, love you as much as a cabbage. Xx

Barb Taub

Although my father is gone, I’m still so grateful for the things he taught me. So I’d like to take this Father’s Day to thank him again and to re-run this Father’s Day Post.

Ten: Take care of your shoes.

shoes-creepy-eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3-850 [image credit: ello.co]

With ten kids, shoe leather represented a significant investment for my parents. My father had a shoe shine box, and made sure we all knew how to polish our (and his!) shoes. I can still remember the heady fumes of Kiwi brand shoe polish with its little open/shut key on the side, and how astonished my college roomies were when they saw me applying ox-blood red (the ultimate in classy shine) to the one pair of boots I had for all four years.

Nine: Look it up.

tumblr_mf5s0vlkqO1rbn1qw [image credit: WiffleGif]

Never use one little word when a big one (or two) will do. If we…

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