Angels Above and Below – it’s done

image.pngI thought this day would never come. I’ve been working on my second novel Angels Above and Below for so long I wondered if it would ever see the light of day.

But, finally, it’s done.

And I’m trying something different this time. I’ve enrolled it in the Kindle Scout program. My campaign goes live on 10 June and it has 30 days for anyone with an Amazon account to look at the first 5000 words and (hopefully) nominate it for publishing. So starting tomorrow, I’ll be making regular unashamed begging requests for everyone who follows my blog, Facebook or Twitter feed, and anyone they know who might be interested, to please follow the link I’ll put up tomorrow, and nominate it. To do so is free, and if you nominate it, and it’s still in your nominations list when the campaign ends (eg you don’t find something else on Kindle Scout you prefer), and Amazon agree to publish it, then you get a free copy of the book!

Thank you to everyone in advance who’s supported me with writing and getting it this far, and for taking the time and trouble to vote on  it before 10 July.

Here’s the blurb:

Secrets – who pays the price of keeping them?
The fate of the world depends on fundamental Secrets being kept. Endor’s sole purpose as a Secret-Keeper – one of an army of angels who Monitor, Persuade and Enforce – is to protect those Secrets. But what will he do when the only woman he’s ever fallen in love with threatens to expose a Secret that must never, ever, be revealed?




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