Who knew? Text to speech

Well, I learnt something today. Thank you Jill 🙂

Something that probably everyone else knew, but just in case it helps you, here goes …

If you use Word to write  (or even use a different programme like Scrivener and open the compiled file in Word), there’s a setting which will read your text to you.

It is useful to read your work out loud as the ear catches mistakes that the eye misses but I’m always in such a rush to get through the text that I stumble over the words anyway, so I’m not sure how useful my own verbalisation of the text is.

But Word doing it? The text seems to be read at a normal speaking  speed, and apart from the odd word which the voice stumbles over (Mrs was pronounced as M, R, S), it seems pretty accurate.

So, if you would like your work read to you, go to the little icon at the top left of the Word screen which is marked Customise Quick Access Toolbar. Click on More Commands and then All Commands. Click on Speak and then Add it to the screen on the right, then OK.

Highlight the text you’d like read to you, and click on the speech bubble icon.

There, done!

And for no other reason than I loved it there, here’s a pic of a mountain lake in Norway, in July. Have a great weekend, all.

61 Hellesylt




7 thoughts on “Who knew? Text to speech

  1. I always read my posts out loud when I’m editing. But I quite like the idea of hearing it read back to me, so that I can pick out any errors. But I also would be interested to hear if it’s reading the way I imagine others read it.


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