Look who came to breakfast …

Sparrowhawk 2It was pretty cold this morning. So I stepped out into the garden to put some food out for the birds.

Someone must have been watching. This sparrowhawk flew down onto the bench and stayed for about 20 minutes, keeping an eye on who came to breakfast. Unluckily for him, the pigeons ate everything I put out, and they were a bit too big to take.

So softy that I am, I chopped up some raw meat and put it outside. He flew off when I approached but I have a feeling he’ll be back …


4 thoughts on “Look who came to breakfast …

  1. Thank you. He was obliging enough to wait on the bench for me to put the camera on charge, drive my husband to the station for work, come home, take camera off charge and take a proper picture, rather than just on my phone which didn’t do him justice. He didn’t actually fly away until I put the meat out. And now the blooming seagulls have gone and eaten it! Oh well, the thought was there,


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