It’s a weird feeling … But I like it

No, I haven’t washed my hair today. No, I don’t have quite as many chins as this photo might suggest. No, I don’t give two hoots that this photo is about as unflattering as it could be. Why?

Because I’m holding the first printed copy of my first full length novel. A real book. And it’s the strangest feeling. Like Christmas, my wedding day and graduation all rolled into one. 

But I like it. I think I’ll write another one.



19 thoughts on “It’s a weird feeling … But I like it

  1. Well done indeed if Miss Lily says its good (its her fault I have turned up out of the blue) then it must be good. . . . If you are thinking who the hell is Miss Lily then all I can say is this is cyberspace it is full of weird folk, although some of us are nice (ish) also . . . .

    OOoooooo I am not weird by the way I just cant type all that well.


    • Hi Rob, welcome to my weird world. I’m really pleased to have Miss Lily in it, she gets my sense of humour, as I get hers. If you read any of my stuff, firstly thank you, and secondly don’t be shocked. I’m a nice quiet girl who likes writing dark tales with saucy bits in. All the best, hope to chat again soon, Kimberley


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