My novel Born in the USA has arrived!

BORN IN THE USA 2*Sigh*. It’s been a long time coming. But my first full length novel Born in the USA is finally available at Amazon at

A sci fi romance with murder, crime, life and death, Born in the USA is (I hope!) an exciting chase across the Multiverse. Here’s the blurb:

Take an infinite number of Earths. Take one man determined to keep women safe. Combine with a man trying to stop him. Mix in a woman they both want, who’s pregnant. Oh, and a cat.
Bob Trask doesn’t intend to fall in love when he visits Earth Nova. He certainly doesn’t intend to get Gracie May pregnant. And when a man with a grudge abducts her and takes her to another universe, Bob’ll go anywhere, do anything, to get her back safely.

A really big big ‘Thank you to’ all my friends and family who had to put up with a less-than-present Kimberley over the last few weeks while I finally got this ready.

Hope you like it.




9 thoughts on “My novel Born in the USA has arrived!

  1. I’m hoping to do the same as you, but first I’m trying a crazy publisher who seems to be into the stuff that inspired me to write. I’ve downloaded a kindle app and not really familiar with it yet but I promise if I buy something it will be yours. I’m in favour of the whole ‘paranormal and scifi romance’ idea and I loved the samples of yours that I read.


    • Thank you, I was really touched by your comments! Wishing you all the best with your writing in 2016.
      Selling a couple of my short stories in 2014 gave me the confidence to go it alone. And I do like to control everything, so although I gave some thought to trying to find a publisher for Born in the USA, I decided I would rather do it all myself.


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