Dark Tales – six short stories of life and death

Fancy an unsettling stroll through the best and worst of what it means to be human? My collection of six dark short stories of life and death ‘Dark Tales’ is available on Amazon at viewBook.at/Amazon-KimberleyCooper-DarkTales
(And it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited).  
1. Cut … And Come Again. All may not be as it seems when a serial killer sets up for his latest kill.
2. Say My Name. Crossing a drug dealer isn’t a good idea for Amy or her dad. Help is available from a mysterious imp, but who pays the price?
3. The Bloody Measle. How far would society go to protect its citizens?
4. Into the Abyss. What lurks in the deep of the human psyche?
5. The King’s Bench. Can love conquer all?
6. An Impossible Choice. A woman has to make the hardest decision of her life.

Dark Tales


6 thoughts on “Dark Tales – six short stories of life and death

  1. Hi, hope you’re well. I’ve just looked this up on Amazon – apparently it can take up to a week after publishing before the Look Inside feature becomes available. So I’d love it if you would try again in a few days and let me know what you think? Many thanks, and hope you have a great weekend.


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