Quite overwhelmed by this review of Bodyshifters!

Bodyshifters cover 1To say I was pleased would be an understatement.

It made me come over all hot and unnecessary. So thank you very much to Stella at http://www.stellamariealden.com/ for the review (below) that she put on Goodreads.com and Amazon.com


Take this wonderful set of sexy stories wherever you go, because you won’t be able to put them down! I LOVED each unique short story, perfectly written with just the right amount of heat and plot. I am so impressed with Kimberley Cooper’s ability to make me fall in love, not once, but four times! The writing is superb! The energy sizzles. What a great book! Sorry to see it end! Just left my review for BodyShifters on Amazon!    

Bodyshifters is FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, otherwise £2.63 (Kindle), £4.61 (print) or local equivalent.  viewBook.at/Amazon-KimberleyCooper-Bodyshifters 


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