100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – week 164

julia’s prompt this week at http://www.juliasplace.org.uk made me think of a much lighter piece than last week’s. She gave us ‘Noah looked worried’. Here’s my suggestion.

Noah looked worried. Two by two, God had said. And most of the animals had filed in obediently, male and female.

But there were two species who hadn’t fully answered the call. Yet.

A ray of sunshine burst through the gathering clouds and illuminated a solitary gorilla and a lone hippo. They approached the ark and waited. Noah met them.  “Why are you late?”

The hippo and gorilla exchanged a shy look. “We want to be together, but we aren’t a pair.”

Noah listened to a voice only he could hear. He nodded them in. “God says love conquers all.”


12 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – week 164

  1. Cheers Lily! Where I live is only a couple of miles from the Shoreham air crash site and it has been very subdued around here the last couple of days, understandably. Just wanted to write something a bit lighter this week.


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