Five blogs, links and websites that I’ve enjoyed – Week 3

I’m getting into the swing of this now. Sunday evening here in the UK, awful weather – really wet and windy, so what better than to reflect on this past week and look forward to next, aided by a large mug of coffee and a few pieces of chocolate.

1. I’ve always been fascinated by toponomy, which is the study of place names. This is just one site which lists the origin of placenames in England. There are obviously similar sites for different parts of the world.

2. My granddad was Tugmaster of ‘Kingston Buci,  at Shoreham Harbour during the 1960s and 70s. I was just idly Googling this week and came up with details of what she’s been up to since she was moved on and renamed.

3. Have you ever clicked on “I’m feeling lucky”? I hadn’t before this week, but when I did, it took me to Google Doodles, which is a page of random events illustrated by quirky doodles. Loved it.

4. Enigma, my favourite music in the 80s and 90s.

5. The cutest video of a baby owl interacting with a human!


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