Five blogs, websites or links that I enjoyed – Week 2

Another week has gone by, filled with normal everyday pleasures that I am very thankful for – work, family, friends, lunch out, and a less common pleasure – the country wedding of some friends in a beautiful church in West Sussex.  Here’s my five offerings this week of blogs, websites, and links that I’ve enjoyed. Why not visit and see if you like some of them too? Hope you have a great weekend.

1.  Amazing pen and ink doodle-type drawings in a little notebook. Such detail.

2. The very welcoming St Margaret’s Church in Ifield (recorded in the Doomsday Book in 1086)  where we attended a lovely informal wedding on Saturday.

3. More freely given and so useful writing info. I just wish I lived in South Africa so I could attend one of their courses!

4. Sheila at wrote a great short story, only 500 words, which really touched me, about innocence lost.

5. This lovely tribute to a primary school teacher who’d been teaching at the same school for 25 years


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