Five blogs, websites or links that I enjoyed – Week 1

One of the bloggers that I follow, Lisa who writes Zen and Pi, made me think. Once a week she shares details of blogs that she has found interesting or useful, and I’ve loved expanding my horizons through this. Occasionally I come across something I would never have found otherwise. 

So here’s my take on something similar – blogs, websites or links that I’ve found interesting or useful this week.

I deliberately haven’t put too much info in about what you’ll find so you can enjoy the voyage of discovery. At the risk of your being entertained or enlightened, why not join me in having a look at the following. You never know where you may end up …

  1. Zen and Pi. Well, it would, wouldn’t it. Lisa gave me the idea. Thank you!
  2. K M Weiland’s amazing writing blog with so much freely offered information.
  3. More videos than you can shake a stick at.
  4. Footage of humpback whales surfacing right next to a tourist boat.
  5. Beautiful space photos.

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