It’s great to go away …

.. but it’s also wonderful to come home.

We’ve been away for a couple of weeks, making a real whistle stop tour of some of the Baltic capitals, including Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and St Petersburg. And, wow. Amazing scenery, great weather, we were so lucky.

I’ll be putting up some photos asap, but in the meantime, here’s a ‘Gossip Mirror’ from Finland. We saw them in Copenhagen too. From inside the house you can look in the mirrors and see who is in the street and what they’re up to, without anyone outside knowing that they’re being looked at! This tickled me into writing a dark short story, which I’ll share when I’ve tided it up a bit. *Sigh*. That’ll have to be after the washing and ironing are finished – probably a week next Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “It’s great to go away …

  1. I want a Gossip Mirror! That way, the hot Brazilian across the road won’t be able to see me spying through his bedroom window.
    Can’t wait to read your short story.


  2. Thanks Jean! I thought the story was finished, then my husband made one tiny suggestion and suddenly the story has taken on a whole other dimension. I just love it when that happens. It’s so random 😊


  3. Ooh, that Gossip Mirror is so cool!

    We have a creepy neighbor who sued us and who, for a time, couldn’t seem to stay off our property. We installed a webcam to keep an eye on him — I guess that was our version of the Gossip Mirror! I’m sure some sort of surveillance will show up in one of my stories some day, once I’m through the worst of the PTSD.


    • Thanks Nadine. Sorry to hear about your being uncomfortable around your neighbour. We need our homes to be the one place that we can feel safe in. I know when we had one set of neighbours who we didn’t get on with, just how it can affect whether you even want to carry on living there.


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