NaBloPoMo 30th May “Nightlife”

Now, I’d be the first person to say that I’m not a city person. But there are some cities that have both a buzz and feel safe, both at the same time. Amsterdam was one of those. We booked a night time city tour, which took in a couple of microbreweries (thoroughly recommend the dark beers, wasn’t so keen on the light ones), and also involved us walking through the red light district.

2015-03-04 19.22.53The guide told us it was the safest part of the city, with CCTV and police officers everywhere. And it felt perfectly safe. Scenic too, with canals crisscrossing the area, lots of light, movement and noise. But I did find being in that part of the city a bit uncomfortable – the women (and men sometimes) in the ‘windows’ seemed very young and especially having heard how much of their money they get to keep (it’s a legal trade so you have to pay your taxes on it), it just seemed … a very sad way to earn a living. But who am I to judge.

Anyway, the buildings are fabulous, and it was a great place to spend a couple of days.

2015-03-04 21.56.08


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