NaBloPoMo 28th May “Action”

I’ve written a fair bit about our two Labradors over the last couple of months. They were great dogs and we still miss them.

Tessa was the oldest, born in 1995. Related to a Lab from the Sandringham estate (The Queen, don’t you know), she had it in her head that she was royalty. If there was something she wanted, or didn’t want, you knew about it. Claws raked down your shin soon got your attention. As she got older, the yellow brindling in her coat (which some Labs have), and on her eyebrows and cheeks became grey.

And she didn’t grow old gracefully. Nah, ageing was for wimps. Even after she lost her right eye aged 11, she didn’t slow down much, not until the final months.  Here she is on her last trip to the beach.

2 aug09 181


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 28th May “Action”

  1. Lovely dog, lovely photograph. You’ve captured her in a perfectly doggy moment, all grin and ear tossing and magical canine exuberance. So hard to say goodbye to our beloved four-legged friends.


    • Thank you 😀 Yes, she was such a character. When she was a puppy we took her for extra training, over and above th normal puppy classes – even the trainer said they’d never met such a stubborn dog. But that was just part of her personality.


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