NaBloPoMo 25th May “Nature”

We don’t get much snow here. But when we do, its a source of excitement for people living nearby. We live on a steepish hill, with an even steeper hill behind, on the South Downs, ideal for sledging down. Which is great, but when everyone parks their cars in our road to go sledging, then finds they can’t get out of the snow on the slope, that means that even with a 4×4 we’re not going anywhere for a few days. Now this photo isn’t snow as such, but a pretty shrub covered in ice. I love the way that it highlights the individual parts of the shrub.


Jan09 560 

And another thought on nature. Can there be anything more impressive in the animal kingdom than a peacock’s tail? On our holiday in Croatia, on a walk amongst the pine trees, we came across a peacock, strutting around (as you do). It was pretty tame and let me get quite close. I was so excited to see this bird so close up, that a French woman who happened to be wandering along the trail at the same time as me, got the full force. Now apart from a few day trips to France over the years, I haven’t spoken French since schooldays. So you can imagine the conversation as I try to explain to this poor woman who must have thought I was mad, that “un oiseau avec un grande (mime a great big tail) was just ahead.



2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 25th May “Nature”

  1. to the snow – thanks but no thanks šŸ™‚ though I know it can be beautiful… but for last two winters we got more than a fair share of it šŸ˜‰

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