NaBloPoMo 24th May “Upside Down”

I think I’m going to have to admit defeat on this one. I don’t think there is one photo in my collection which illustrates Upside Down. 


But … Wait. This is pretty obscure but hey. A couple of years ago we took a trip to the Dead Sea, from the Jordan side. It was a long trip, and involved spending time at a 5 star hotel (tough but someone’s got to do it) with lunch, and shower facilities. Because the thing about the Dead Sea is how salty it is. You get plenty of warnings before you go in – Don’t put the mud on your face, cause duh the water is salty and will sting your eyes to hell when you try and wash it off etc. But the direst warning is Do not swim or lay on your front in the water, because you can’t easily turn right side up (hence the obscure upside down reference). And it’s true, the water makes you so buoyant that you cannot sink. But that means that once in a position it’s really difficult to get into another one. So if you were on your front you could easily drown. Here’s my husband just floating in the water, with no effort at all. PS Don’t ask who got their leg stuck in the mud up to their knee and had to be rescued. 


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 24th May “Upside Down”

  1. Who got their leg stuck in the mud up to their knee and had to be rescued? 🙂

    This is yet another place that I’ve always wanted to visit, especially the Dead Sea.


  2. Ah. That might have been me.
    I’d had enough of splashing around in the water and made for the shore, ignoring my husband who’d shouted ‘get back out where you came in’. He obviously guessed that the stones by the shoreline didn’t extend all the way along, leaving the mud exposed. I didn’t. As I put one foot down it sank into the mud up to my knee, and as I started to pull my leg out, my Croc came off (I always wear them when I’m swimming, though not in a pool. That would be weird.) Now, considering we were on a day trip away from the cruise ship, I didn’t fancy wandering around with one shoe on and one bare foot for the rest of the day, so had no choice but to shout for help. He paddled over, treading water, felt his way down my leg and fumbled around in the mud trying to find my lost shoe. All I could worry about was whether he might lose his wedding ring in all that mud. Luckily it was stuck fast on his finger, and after what felt like ages he pulled the shoe out, so I could stumble up the beach and fall into the bar for a reviver. Although not before I saw lined up on the beach the biggest collection of ‘one shoes’ I have ever seen. So I obviously wasn’t the first to fall prey to the sucking capacity of the mud. There was an upside – dear husband said that the mud exfoliated the skin on his hand and arm beautifully.


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