NaBloPoMo 21st May “Color”

Or Colour, if you like.

Now, there must be something in my photo collection which illustrates colour nicely.

2015-03-05 07.33.37 

 And I came across this one. We were in Amsterdam last spring, took a short cruise out of Southampton and sailed along the English Channel into the North Sea. The wind was damn cold, I wish I’d packed several more layers.

You approach Amsterdam itself through lock gates and down a long, long, river – it takes several hours to get from the North Sea into the city itself. But once you’re there, it’s mere minutes walk off the ship to the various sights. And it is an amazing place to go. The Red Light district is what you’d expect, or it is at night, anyway. It’s busy, buzzing, but safe feeling, with CCTV and police everywhere just keeping an eye on things. I never felt uncomfortable. Other parts of the city have a very different feel, with incredible museums, restaurants, and shopping.

But back to Colour. The ship berthed at the cruise ship terminal, which is bounded by huge hotels enjoying the waterfront views. We stayed in the city overnight and at dawn the next day, the sun burnished the windows of the hotels lining the river, treating us to a vision in bronze.


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