NaBloPoMo 18th May “Contrast”

Yesterday’s was nearly my last post on NaBloPoMo.

I’d started to feel as though I’d taken on a bit much, having done the A-Z Blogging Challenge and then straight on to NaBloPoMo. So I was going to stop mid- May.

And then I slept on it and woke up in a more positive frame of mind. A bit of a contrast to how I’d gone to bed. I’d already done more than half the month. So why not carry on? So here I am. Carrying on. Those two part-completed novels which are sitting in Scrivener and fidgeting restlessly can wait another two weeks until the beginning of June.

Anyway, back to Contrast. Here’s an old pic from 2001 (the quality isn’t great) taken when we were in the Pacific North West. I just love the contrast of the white features against the dark.




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