NaBloPoMo 15th May “Black and White”

Todays topic is ‘Black and White’.

So I dug around in the family archives and came up with this photo of my mother in law, Signa. Now sadly no longer with us, we had a really close relationship and I miss her still.

One thing that struck me when I was looking through the old black and white photos was how elegant people looked. Now, was that the era – late 1960’s, when people dressed in a very different way, or was it the medium itself? Black and white with shades of grey means for me that the subject of the photo really stands out, with no eye-confusing colours to compete for my attention.




4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 15th May “Black and White”

  1. the photographers had to put more effort to find that standing out thing, plus – the photographs weren’t just snapped left and right, everywhere and anytime, so when a person knew she/he will be taken photo of, would prepare 😉
    lovely photo btw 🙂


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