NaBloPoMo 14th May “Sun Flare”

Today’s topic is ‘Sun Flare’.

And I have got a pic, showing a bit of sun flare. Easter 2014 saw us camping, alongside the river Solent in Hampshire. It was pretty cold standing there watching the cruise ships sail down the river from Southampton. And we noticed some youngsters paddling in the river. How their feet didn’t turn blue and drop off, I’ll never know.


2014-04-18 16.18.57 

 What I really wanted to do was to interpret the topic quite loosely and give you some more astronomy info, this time on solar flares. 


Imagine magnetic energy building up in the Sun, then suddenly exploding out from its surface. That’s a solar flare. The sheer amount of energy released is almost unimaginable, equivalent to millions of 100 megaton hydrogen bombs all exploding at once.

And the flare heads toward Earth, interacts with our atmosphere and gives us the Aurora Borealis and Auorora Australis, around the North and South Poles respectively. Huge flares can  pose hazards to astronauts, knock out satellites and affect radio communications. But when they give us pictures like this …

Both pics courtesy of


9 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 14th May “Sun Flare”

  1. Those are stunning pictures. Talking of which, are all the pictures of your travels, taken by you? In which case, you have a natural talent for photography.


  2. Gorgeous photos! What wonders we have in this universe. We were supposed to have a few good viewing days for the Northern Lights, but it was too cloudy, so no luck. Hopefully at some point.


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