NaBloPoMo 13th May “Bokeh”

Now that’s a word I’d never come across. So I had to look it up, of course. I hadn’t realised that blogging was going to teach me so much.

Bokeh is the deliberate inclusion of blur or haze into a photograph, caused by having a shallow depth of field so that the foreground is really sharp but the background is very soft.

This shot probably doesn’t have a background quite blurred enough to be properly Bokeh, but I wanted to share it anway – it’s of Makarska in Croatia, at sunset. Beautiful place.


1 jul06 065


3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 13th May “Bokeh”

  1. My husband does this, but I didn’t know the term for it. I wonder if he does! I’ll have to ask him.

    Beautiful pic. Croatia is on our list. I’ve heard it’s wonderful.


    • It is absolutely lovely. Pine clad mountains reach right down to the Adriatic Sea shore. There’s a fascinating beach at the tip of the island of Brac, think it is, where the sea flows one way on one side of the beach and a different way on the other side. So you get different coloured water meeting each other. And one side of the beach can be calm and the other side really churned up. Hope you get there some day.


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