NaBloPoMo 11th May “Close”

Today’s theme is ‘close’.

On Saturday night we went to Eastbourne, close to us at only  30 miles away, to see Mike and The Mechanics in concert. This was a band that I loved in the late 80s and early 90s. Mike Rutherford, the guitarist from Genesis, fronts this band and he certainly hasn’t lost any of his skill over the years. He made those guitars talk!

There are a couple of new vocalists compared to when I first bought their CDs, and they brought a slightly different feel to some of the songs with some new arrangements, but it was still recognisably the same  sound that we all expected to hear. I don’t think anyone in the audience was under 40, but going by the buzz on the way out, everyone loved it.

And especially for as I know she loves music, here’s a link to ‘Silent Running’ one of their songs from their heyday, that they brought up to date on Saturday night. Loved it.


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