WriteOn on Amazon

Nadine Feldman, a blogger I started following in the A-Z Blogging Challenge (Hi, Nadine) at http://www.nadinefeldman.com) has introduced me to WriteOn which is operated by Amazon.

It seems like a great idea; you can put up completed stories or works-in-progress for comment.

I’ve put one of my paranormal romance stories up there for feedback if anyone has time to check it out, I’d be keen to hear any comments, thank you. The link is https://writeon.amazon.com/read/story/Kimberley_Cooper_Ursula%3A_Paranormal_Romance_That_Sizzles/amzn1.ignite.story.15a442156b7c2c9de050007f01003d78?ref_=ign_c_rt_sc_0

And while you’re there, why not leave Nadine some feedback too, her work in progress is at https://writeon.amazon.com/read/story/Nadine_Feldman_What_She_Knew/amzn1.ignite.story.15817cc8a75acc06e050007f01002b1e?ref_=ign_s_rt_st_0

Thank you. And here’s a pic of a local sunset, for no particular reason apart from the fact that I like the colours. Have a good weekend, all.


3 Sunset North Sea



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