NaBloPoMo 8th May “Focus”

Today’s topic is ‘Focus’.

There are woods behind where we live. Although the UK has apparently 25-50% of the world’s bluebells, ‘our’ wood doesn’t have a huge number, but it does have some. Here’s a ‘proper’ bluebell wood, about 5 miles away. 

2 aug09 036 

 And they bloom in April, pushing their way through the soil to stand tall amongst last years leaf litter. The scent of a bluebell wood is amazing, especially after it’s just rained. But to me, they are just forerunners of the main wild spring flower in the wood. Common spotted orchids appear in May, and for a very few weeks, they bloom alongside the bluebells, and the wood is a mass of pink and blue.

Here’s a photo of one of the orchids that I took one spring. Neither photo is particularly in focus, but as they remind me of what I was doing at that time, and who was with me, somehow it doesn’t matter.


Orchids Apr2007


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