NaBloPoMo 7th May “Your Time”

Today’s subject is ‘Your Time’.

I think I’m probably like most women. We’re often too busy looking after everyone else to really take a lot of Me Time. But there was one very special day which was all about me (and several hundred other people all doing the same thing).

I didn’t go to college, I did all of my post-school education after I started work. And in 2003 I decided to enrol with the Open University and do a Bachelor of Science degree. I’d always had a huge interest in physics and astronomy, but didn’t want to tie myself down to a limited number of courses, I wanted to do whatever took my fancy. So I embarked on an Open Degree. Some of the courses I took could have counted towards either a BA or a BSc, some were very specifically BSc oriented.

I treated it as a hobby, fitting it in around my day job, my husband, and looking after his parents and mine who were getting more and more frail. Sadly we lost my husband’s parents along the way, and my Mum became increasingly unwell, until it became apparent that if I didn’t attend my graduation ceremony in 2010, she probably wouldn’t be well enough to come and see me get my BSc.

So in May 2010, the whole family drove down to Portsmouth and joined hundreds of other families celebrating the hard work of their sons, daughters, mums, dads, grans and granddads. The youngest person being awarded their degree that day was 16, and the oldest was over 90.

And apart from my wedding day, it was the proudest day of my life.


Grad 2010 093BSC cert


14 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 7th May “Your Time”

  1. First of all, good for you! I like the idea that you took whatever sounded interesting and were able to get a degree anyway. I have tons of free time now that I’m essentially retired, maybe I should do the same, or at least something similar. And congratulations on earning your degree. That’s great!


  2. Thanks John! Yes, I liked the idea of doing courses depending on my interests at the time, although they did need to get progressively more difficult of course. So Level 1 courses included amongst others Astronomy, maths and more maths, Level 2 included Astronomy, Cosmology and Planetary Science, and Level 3 included Cities and Technology which was a very interesting course looking at whether cities were shaped by technologies or whether cities shaped technology. My final paper was on looking at different types of housing over the centuries and talking about the technologies used. I thoroughly recommend the Open University if you were interested in doing something similar – they do some free short tasters on a wide range of subjects


  3. That’s wonderful Kimberley. I waited until Spawn was in school before I left my job and studied for my degree to become a therapist. Apart from the birth of my little man, that was the best moment of my life.


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