NaBloPoMo 5th May “Your Style”

Today’s prompt is ‘Your Style’.

And sometimes I wonder if I am actually a girl. I don’t do style. I do ‘throwing it on in the morning and getting on with my life’. Or perhaps that is a style.

Anyway, trousers or skirt and a top for work, depending on the weather. Different trousers and a T shirt for home. Put a sweatshirt on top, and that’s it for camping as well. Job done.

So, in the absence of anything meaningful to say about fashion, here’s a photo of Amsterdam, where we went for my birthday earlier this year. There was a little old lady on the right, out of shot, who was feeding the seagulls. They were wheeling and screaming above our heads and I was sure I was going to get pooped on. Luckily no such disaster happened, and when I saw this photo I was quite pleased that two of the birds had placed themselves nicely in the shot. Thanks, little old lady!


2015-03-05 10.17.45


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 5th May “Your Style”

  1. yup. That’s the style 😉
    Though sometimes I do feel like a girl 😀 😀 😀 And will put a dress on even. And a make up. Or whatever.
    I call it “I do as I feel like”-style 😉

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