A – Z Blogging Challenge = X is for XOXO

There were only three, yes THREE, words starting with X in the Concise Oxford Thesaurus which was on my desk. And I didn’t fancy using any of them. So I decided to go with something which wasn’t really a word at all.

XOXO meaning Hugs and Kisses. Beloved by SMS users (that includes me now, have finally given in and bought a new fangled smartphone. Where have I been for the last goodness knows how many years?)

And I discovered there’s an entire text and internet language out there. http://www.internetslang.com 

 Am now feeling very middle aged.



3 thoughts on “A – Z Blogging Challenge = X is for XOXO

  1. the other side of youth using abbreviations for everything? they have NO CLUE what the letters stand for. Maybe in XOXO it kind of is not important, but in a recent conversation with a 15years old I discovered that sad fact…

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  2. I felt middle-aged before I was with these strange acronyms that my children use all the time when texting me. At first, I felt a little embarrassed, but then I got over myself and just asked what it meant. After that I have been able to piece some of them together on my own once I understand what was happening. lol The sad truth is these acronyms or shortened spellings is making our youth rather lazy writers and spellers. Technology is cool, but somethings are best left to old school. Thanks for the link. I’ll be sure to check it out. I’m sure I can benefit from it a lot!


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