A – Z Blogging Challenge = V is for Vicarious

The definition of Vicarious according to thefreedictionary.com is Experienced or felt by empathy with or imaginary participation in the life of another person. It isn’t a word I’ve ever used before, but here’s a very short piece using it.
Now the stage is bare, quiet. I gaze over empty seats, now bereft of people shifting, muttering, rustling. And now that I manage this ballet company rather than dance myself? The vicarious thrill of performing secondhand is better than nothing. But it isn’t the same. Could never be. I feel for the light switch, and flick it off. It makes no difference to me. In my blindness I see nothing that isn’t already in my memory.

2 thoughts on “A – Z Blogging Challenge = V is for Vicarious

    • Thanks Sue! I think you’re right, with so much of our friends’ lives visible now, on Facebook etc, we’re all living more vicariously. Hopefully that’s enriching all our lives rather than the opposite! Have had a look at your blog and really like the theme for the blogging challenge. Will work my way through all your posts on the Sunday afternoon I hopefully have planned 😀


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