A – Z Blogging Challenge = U is for Un

Un. Such a small word but it has such power. The power to negate, to destroy.

To make faithfulness into unfaithfulnness. To turn healthy into unhealthy.

The most prolific of prefixes in the English language, un turns up all over the place. Although in terms of changing the meaning of a word to ‘not’, it shares the limelight with im (eg improbable), and a (eg aseptic).

How many un words can you think of? I bet it’s quite a few. Strong little word, eh?


7 thoughts on “A – Z Blogging Challenge = U is for Un

  1. unlawful, untrue, unspoken, unintelligent, unturned – though I like that one 🙂 sounds kind of positive, despite the un 😉


  2. Undeniably! Love the way you framed this in terms of “un”s power to negate and destroy. It’s not just some harmless little prefix, it has heft–and needs watching! We don’t tend to think of prefixes this way, do we? Very interesting post–thank you!


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