A – Z Blogging Challenge = Q is for Quarks

Physics is one of the things that I love, cos I’m nosy and like to know how things work. So, quarks.

Quarks are elementary particles that make up matter in the universe. If you thought atoms were small, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Think quarks making up hadrons making up atoms. That’s how small they are.

What I love about quarks is how they’re described – there are different sorts, called flavors (up, down, strange, charm, top and bottom). For some reason it makes me think of an ice cream ‘I’ll have two scoops of strange please with some charm sprinkles’. Oh, and there are also antimatter versions of quarks, called antiquarks. 

If you’d like to find out more about quarks, this is a good place to start http://physics.about.com/od/atomsparticles/a/particles.htm

 And just in case you can’t get enough of the word, quark is also a soft cheese. Yumm. Yet another example of the weird and wonderful thing that is the English language making words do more than one job.



6 thoughts on “A – Z Blogging Challenge = Q is for Quarks

  1. Why bust my breeches! A quark is smaller than an atom. Who knew? Not me! Of course, it would have helped to have taken Physics in school, but I didn’t. Oh well, you taught me something new. I love your Q prompt!


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