A – Z Blogging Challenge = L is for Lavender, Loathe and Leon

Lavender, Tree, Plants

Another favourite plant of mine, with more varieties than you can shake a stick at. I can’t think of many other evergreen shrubs that ask so little in terms of care but give so much in colour and scent. They’re mainly hardy and thrive in poor chalky soils, which is just as well, as that’s where I grow mine. Lovely. I can almost smell summer coming.

Lavender, Lavender Blossom, Flower, Hummel, Purple             Lavender, Flower, Branch, Lavendelbueten, Garden, Plant

And while I’m here, although I’m Loathe to do this as it feels really tacky, if you fancy a spicy paranormal romance short story (10,000 words) please head over and check out my latest in the Paranormal Romance That Sizzles series,  Leon, released just over a week ago. I’d be interested to hear any comments – if you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free of course. viewBook.at/Amazon-Kimberley-Cooper-Leon


8 thoughts on “A – Z Blogging Challenge = L is for Lavender, Loathe and Leon

  1. I love lavender! A plant was sent to me by my dear sweet childhood BFF when my brother died in 2006. It did very well for a long while in this stupid clay soil that’s found in east Tennessee. A few years back, it dwindled and had to be cut away. I think I’d like to plant a whole row of lavender bushes, but I need to figure out the best place in our yard for them first!


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