A – Z Blogging Challenge = H is for Hail

It didn’t have to be Hail especially, just a word which is doing more than one job in the English language.

I was struggling to decide what H in the A-Z Blogging Challenge should be, so I opened my dictionary on H, and was struck by how many words do double, triple, quadruple jobs.

So let’s take Hail. It’s both a noun and a verb; a thing and an action. Twice each. Totally disconnected meanings.

Noun – frozen rain, and a greeting

Verb – to rain down, and to make a greeting.

Is it just me that finds how language evolves, fascinating? How was it decided to make some words do double duty, or more? Did we just get lazy? * Nah, can’t think of a name for that, just call it hail, no one will notice*



5 thoughts on “A – Z Blogging Challenge = H is for Hail

  1. I have not thought about this before now. I do think sometimes what gives said individuals all authority to come up with rules and guidelines anyhow? My tongue gets all contorted on some of our words and I hate homonyms! For instance, I’m always confused when it comes to using the word stationery and stationary. I think someone was drunk when they came up with these words, which plagues the English language and makes life difficult for some of us. These things are a mystery (kinda) to, but thankful Google pulls me out of jams frequently.


  2. The little ditty “hail, hail, the gang’s all here, what the hail do we care, what the hail do we care” is now playing in my head. Oops!


  3. I love our language specifically because of words like hail.
    I am a horrific speller. Well, I used to think that before the internet came along and showed me to be above average but I think I’m a bad speller. Before spell check came along, back in the days of pen and paper, that meant I’d either need to keep a dictionary at my side or I’d have to replace words I couldn’t spell with their synonyms. I always score amazing on vocabulary tests because my spelling is atrocious. It was when I put it all together that I really became fascinated with our language. Sucking at one part of it made me really good at another. Where else does that happen?

    From there it just grew to playing with the words to amuse myself and hopefully others.

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