A – Z Blogging Challenge = E is for Excitement

As we grow up and start acquiring adult responsibilities, do we lose our capacity to find Excitement in our lives? That feeling of Oh My God I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself, the butterfly farm in the tummy, the anticipation which (hopefully and if we’re really lucky) is borne out by the reality. 

I’d love to know about where you find yours. My Top Three would include: 

 1. The day my husband and I got married in 1992. Rain, wind, who cares. We had family and friends and we had each other. And still do. 

 2. The day I graduated from the Open University in 2010. I did my degree late compared to many, I didn’t start until I was 40. But the day I marched from one side of the stage to the other, coming back down the stairs with a BSc, was magic.

Grad 2010 092 

 3. The day in 2014 that I got my first publishing acceptance of a short story that I’d written. It came complete with a contract covering things I’d never even thought about. Who’d have thought I’d ever have to think about what name I wanted to publish under?


25 thoughts on “A – Z Blogging Challenge = E is for Excitement

    • Thanks Doreen! It was such a thrill, and followed a few weeks later by a second one 🙂
      I had a few rejections after that, and since then I’ve concentrated on self publishing, as I soon realised I like to have control of everything myself. Personality flaw there, I think. But I certainly keep my eyes open for interesting submission calls.


  1. I think the capacity for excitement can be nurtured. I still get excited about a lot of stuff. Little stuff even–the new season of a TV show or the arrival of the wren family to our birdhouse each spring.


  2. At 56, I’m always finding new things to get excited about. I hope that never ends! I went back to school late as well, graduating at 45…I am so proud of that! Congrats on all your excitement, and I wish much more for you.

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  3. Definitely excitement worthy events. I think there are lots of things to get excited about, but there are definitely levels. Every time I check something off my ‘wish list’ I get butterflies.


  4. I’m a little odd in that I find excitement all over. I know you’re talking in a larger sense but to me it’s all the same. You can ask my wife, I get completely geeked over the smallest things and my reaction is as exaggerated as if I was getting married to her again.


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