A – Z Blogging Challenge = D is for Dogs

 Now you’re talking. I might not be a cat person but I am most definitely a Dog person. Previously owned by two Labrador Retrievers; Tessa and Harley,  now waiting on the far side of the Rainbow Bridge. 

Here’s some info about them, which if you’ve had Dogs yourself, you might recognise. 

1. Tessa would test the blackberries on the bushes to see how sweet they were before pulling off the ones which were ripe, and would ignore those which weren’t quite ready. Harley wasn’t that selective. He would just eat any within reach.

2. They would roll on their backs and writhe on the floor in unison, laughing and wagging their tails. Did they both have itchy backs at the same time? Who knows. We would call it ‘Playing Submarines’.

3. They both perfected an intense stare which they never failed to use when they wanted something; to go out, to go home, a treat, anything you had that they thought should be theirs. Tessa had an extra weapon; a strong forepaw with long claws that she would rake down your leg if you ignored the stare. You didn’t ignore that, it was too painful.

4. Tessa lost an eye to cancer when she was 11. It slowed her down for no more than two days, then she was up and at em for over three more years. Amazing how she adapted.

5. They adored swimming as so many Labradors do; in the dew pond, in the river, in the sea. Those all had their own hazards – the vegetation around the dew pond contained an adder nest; the river was always full of swans and ducks, and the beach often contained fish heads where the local fisherman used to cut up their bait and leave behind the bits they didn’t want. And Labs never turn down a free meal, even if they don’t keep it down for long. Nice. 

So that’s just a few things about my pups. Miss them still.


6 thoughts on “A – Z Blogging Challenge = D is for Dogs

  1. Tessa and Harley sound a lot like some of the dogs we have had. When we moved to France in 2006, we had an old-breed yellow Lab and a Greyhound. Very different personalities but great friends. Hobie, the Lab, died and 14, and Greyhound Flash only lasted another six months before his heart gave out. He was also 14. Next we had a Wire Fox Terrier called Ulysse, who died from a tumour three weeks ago, aged 12, leaving us with Trevor, a 9-year old Jack Russell, who is still keeping us entertained and humble! Thank you for this post.


    • Hi Keith, sorry to hear that Ulysse has recently died. We worried after Tessa died aged 14 1/2 whether Harley would cope on his own. But he did, and more of his personality came to the fore when he was no longer in her shadow. I hope Trevor copes ok, and that in time it gets easier for you all.

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      • I don’t think Trevor has noticed he’s gone! They were never close, the way Hobie and Flash were. To characterise their relationship as peaceful coexistence would be an overstatement; absence of open conflict would have been more apt, although they did have their moments. Ulysse arrived as a strong character, and developed as Flash was declining. Trevor is a whirlwind, a massive, dominant character, who came in six months after Ulysse and immediately eclipsed him. Trevor is fine!

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  2. My dogs Lucy and Rosie have been gone for more than ten years now, and I still miss them. This post brings back so many fond memories. Beautiful!


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