What would you do?

So here’s the thing.

I’ve written over 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo, and I still like what I’ve written enough to want to turn it it something publishable. But I’ve still got story 3 in the ‘Paranormal Romance That Sizzles’ series to tweak, story 4 in the same series to finish, an unfinished novel that I really thought was going to be my first long piece, and a 4 part tongue in cheek horror to finish which I planned to publish when I got the rights of the original story back, in late December.

So what do I do first? If it’s just about making a bit of money, I’d be better off doing stories 3 and 4 of the Romance series, but part of me wants to show I can do the longer stuff too.

Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll just write as the mood takes me, and see where they all end up …


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